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Digital learning and flexible learning forms

Workshop 2:  Digital learning and flexible learning forms

This workshop was part of the conference on Adult Educator’s competence and innovation in Lund Sept. 27-28 2017

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Digital media has become an integral part of our daily lives. In some social groups social media take up peoples’ attention throughout the day, offering access to endless streams of information, wanted or unwanted. Others feel challenged by the demands society puts on them, where more and more public services can only be accessed through digital channels. For the adult educator this can lead to changes in their possibilities, tasks and most importantly: roles.

In this workshop we will address some of the opportunities and challenges these advances in digital media pose to adult educators. Some of the core questions we will address are: What do new possibilities offered by digital media mean for the competences of the adult educator in creating, curating and delivering learning materials for learners? What interpersonal competences are required when an adult educator takes on the role of a leader for a group of learners who collaborate online part time or full time? What is the role of adult educators in promoting, developing and fostering modern digital competencies and literacies among adult learners? What does this mean for the professional development of the adult educator? What does it mean for institutions who hire adult educators?

Participants will discuss some of the themes introduced in these introductions in groups and in the plenum as well as pondering their meaning for adult educator competencies and their development.


To start off our discussions we will have the following short introductions by members of the NVL – DISTANS network:

Hróbjartur Ánason, University of Iceland:
Voksenlærerens rolle som leder af digitale habitater / The adult educator´s role as a leader in digital habitats:

  Taru Kekkonen, Omnia, Finland:
Voksenlærerens interpersonelle online kompetencer / Adult educator interpersonal competencies online

Kaaka Lund, Sermersooq Greenland:
Hvordan kan der udvikles undervisningsmaterialer til deltageres digitale enheder? Værktøjer og kompetencer / How to deliver learning materials to participant´s devices. Tools and competencies.

Ulrika Knutsson, Folkbildning Sweden:
How to support adults who are learning online by giving them helpful feedback, for example by using badges and other elements of gamification? What skills do adult educators need for giving feedback online?

The goal of this workshop is to inform and motivate participant about digital skills, which we find important for adult educators. Moreover to create a discussion about these skills ending with a weighted list of suggestions from the workshop about what digital skills we find adult educators should develop.

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